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Increase productivity. Decrease Headaches. 

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EquipLoop is changing the way commercial equipment is bought and sold one digital transaction at a time by offering full service equipment sales and replacement services. Our proven structure reduces downtime, increases sales potential, and limits depreciation. We achieve this by utilizing our digital infrastructure to improve and manage the sales process of commercial equipment to ensure business owners don't have to.



We take the guess-work out of the sale of your vehicle or equipment and allow you to get back to business. Many of our clients have busy schedules that they cannot afford to have interrupted. We accommodate your busy lifestyle by handling every aspect of the sales process. This service includes visiting your location to complete an inspection, taking detailed photographs, creating cinematic videos, and writing up descriptions for your vehicle or equipment. We will also post it on our website, along with a collection of strategically selected high viewership advertising positions, in order to produce local and nationwide results. Depending on the type of vehicle or equipment, we will also organize shipping accommodations in order to increase your sales potential. 



Our team consists of highly trained sales, repair, financial, and auctioning professionals who work for you until your financial needs are met. Our sales team provides every one of our client’s with consistent results through the use of our meticulously managed sale price determination algorithm.

In conjunction with this, our finance department provides competitive financing solutions for potential small-scale buyers who would not have the opportunity to purchase your equipment privately if the cash was not available to them. We pair all of these services with a highly trained and versatile repair team who is able to accommodate any make or model and are adept at solving even the most puzzling mechanical and electrical problems.

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EquipLoop has built an extensive network of independent customers, small businesses, corporate buyers, and international conglomerate agents that allows us to achieve the results you need when it comes to selling your vehicle or equipment. Upon signing, your vehicle is not only added to our organic sales registry, but is made available for purchase to over 450+ businesses who are in need of equipment in Southern Ontario, and 2000+ buyers worldwide. This vast network of sales also gives us the ability to seamlessly replace your vehicle or equipment with a more suitable option based on your requirements through our own network.

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When working with us, we want to ensure that your financial needs are met without any of the hassle or risks associated with the sales process. After all, we've all heard the scary stories about individuals trying to sell their equipment privately. With our consignment services, your equipment stays at your location until you receive payment, allowing you to keep your assets within reach. Not everyone is mechanically inclined, so if the vehicle or equipment you plan on selling presents a problem, we will take care of the after-sales service and warranty so that you never have to think about it again.

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We've all heard the scary stories about individuals trying to sell their equipment privately. Why take the risk?

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Selling your equipment privately means that your only customers are those who have enough cash to pay up-front. At EquipLoop, we expand your customer base by offering a variety of finance and lease options.

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